Volume 94, Issue 96

Thursday, March 22, 2001


Letters to the Editor

R&B and the coming 'men are crap' army

All hail the coming of Ol' lady spring time

All hail the coming of Ol' lady spring time

By: Sean Maraj
Managing Editor

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now official – spring is here. We can now thank God for delivering us from what can be considered the most cold and miserable winter of all time. Not of course, including the Ice Age, which I am told from several people was pretty damn cold.

So why all this ranting about spring? For a moment pretend you are entering my little world, you're going through time and space (relatively speaking anyway) to see exactly why I love spring as much as I do.

The first thought that always comes to my mind this time of year, when the temperature breaks the big five degree mark, is going running along the Thames Valley Parkway, known commonly as 'that walkway on the Thames River.'

Everything is warm, but not too warm. The trees are just starting to sprout and there's just a smell in the air I can't explain that always makes my day. There's more to spring of course than running on the river.

Nothing quite says spring like the great hot dog lady. Bringing her wonderful smelling merchandise onto this campus in her continuing battle to save students from the monotony, not the mention the torture, of eating from the trap that is the Centrespot. Here's to you, Hot dog Lady. Never give up your crusade against the tyranny the dominates this campus.

In a sense, spring brings romance to my little world. Almost every romantic moment that has taken place in my life, always has a way of happening during the spring. Hell, I can still remember good old Chrissy S, when I was in Grade 8 in the middle of April telling me she just wanted to be friends. Yes, it was my first broken heart, but I still smile about it 10 years later.

There's much to be said of course, about the opening of patios in London. Yes, the barscene in London gets so much better in spring. And it's much better to drink about a broken on a patio in the open night air, than it is to do it inside in a smokey bar.

There are intangibles, like being able to have the car window down for the sake of having it down, going on a road trip and not having to worry about ice or walking down the street without a coat.

Perhaps the best thing about spring is the medium sized tree outside my window. It isn't something special by any means, it's one of those generic trees you see on the sidewalk in every modern day subdivision, but there's something about that tree in the spring when the leaves come out. When it's blooming and the window is a little open with the fresh night air coming into the room, and the sound of the wind blowing that tree. That is what defines spring for me.

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