Volume 94, Issue 97

Friday, March 23, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Columnist's prescription for city-wide unity - The first annual Forest City 'Just Cuz' parade

Letters to the Editor

Western's laughtable lolligaggers

To the Editor:

They roam around our campus by day and stalk our bars at night, strutting their spiritless selves in Tommy Hilfiger and Polo ensembles. Contrary to popular prejudice, I am not referring to "Ginos" or "rich kids" – those whom I speak of are much, much worse.

They are the Orange People. Their men dress in puffy, superfluously-collared turtlenecks and adorn their peds with Italian leather elf boots, usually with a zipper on the side. Their coiffures sport disturbing die jobs and frosted tips, their sexual counterparts boast fake fingernails and lumpy, caked-on make-up.

Contrary to what many of you may be thinking now, I am not attacking their style or fashion. It is their obvious emptiness and yearning to belong that prompts them to slap a label on themselves and join a clique. Their concocted fashionable plight is evident, as they are victims of the inevitable but controllable human condition.

They induce skin cancer and malignant growths. This seems inconsequential to them, entwined in a world bombarded with a barrage of plastic pop stars and maniacal MTV personas.

It is their social endeavour I question, their need to belong and look sexy to thousands of people whom they do not know. Yet, as I ponder, the sagacious type, I have realized that it is not B4-4 and Britney Spears who motivate their comical emanations, it is a sacred worship of plump pumpkins that provides their impetus to glow.

They appear as blatant laughable lolligaggers, but through deep mediation and spirited thought, I have realized their premise. The Orange People are destined to tan and brand themselves, from September through winter, fall and spring, because nothing will halt their personal vane.

But Orange People beware, the albinos and pigmentally-challenged are watching you, and having a damn good laugh too.

R. Phillips
Social Science I

Free speech is the rapper's delight

Re: R&B and the coming 'men are crappy' army, Mar. 22.

To the Editor:

I was extremely disappointed to read Marcus Maleus' short-sighted column on what he perceives to be the new "lyrical war on men to sell albums."

First of all, misogynistic lyrics have been emanating from some notable members of the male R&B/Rap community for a long time. I would be at a loss to count the number of male rappers who have gone on about how they treat women like trash because they 'don't love them bitches.'

This is not to say all rap and R&B is bad, or all of it contains woman-hating lyrics. But simply that there is a large, visible element in the music community who present us with lyrics and videos that denigrate women.

It's not right and yes we should speak out against it, but however much we disagree with it, we must also consider that free speech demands that society permit everyone, including musicians, to express their opinions, even if they are simply a cheap ploy to sell records.

Try for a moment to understand how women feel when they listen to lyrics which objectify and degrade them. Maybe it's not an ideal situation for either sex but women certainly seem to have the short end of the stick.

If you're really worried about the values this "Men Are Crappy" army are going to instill in your future daughter, maybe you should teach her to make informed opinions about music.

Catherine Cullen
Media, Information and Technoculture I

Reader calls for Reznet 'rez-titution'

Re:Mar. 21.

To the Editor:

I suffered a similar problem to that of Onyura, namely complete lack of Reznet service. After the winter break, for approximately two months, my connection was on again and off again, sometimes as long as a week and a half.

Throughout the entire ordeal, the Reznet staff was nothing but courteous and understanding of my problem and worked with me to fix it promptly. After we realized it was a recurring problem, they went out of their way to track it down, and worked with Information Technology Services to finally fix it. I too had a problem with my port, though it was a physical one.

One has to remember that Reznet doesn't have any control over physical problems with the network (i.e. a bad port), only the software side. The hardware maintenance is up to ITS, a completely different organization, and admittedly one that didn't leave me with the same respect I have for Reznet.

While I share Berry's frustration, there's no sense getting upset with hard working Reznet staff for something that's out of their hands. They have a hard enough time dealing with computer newbies who can't work Internet Explorer.

Let's not let one incident ruin the reputation of the hard working Reznet staff. Jon Fuller
Philosophy/History I

USC and its tragic boondoggles: Call for emphatic congrats too premature

Re: USC jobs: true test of courage, Mar. 22.

To the Editor:

USC president Dave Braun speaks of courage and how it is the key to success. He can certainly talk the talk but has yet to walk the walk. I have yet to see the courage to which he so fondly attaches his intuition.

If Braun believes that the long list of University Students' Council boondoggles, including the infamous Operation: Massive, are a testament to his courage and/or the courage of the USC, then he is surely mistaken. These are merely examples of USC incompetence and more tragically, the lack of a clear relationship between students and student government at Western.

Braun goes on to give emphatic congratulations to successfully elected USC VPs. He notes "your life will be immeasurably enriched by that choice." Do you think the students of this campus are interested whether or not the lives of USC VPs will be enriched? Why isn't the USC enriching the lives of ordinary students?

The only thing the USC should be concerned with is serving the needs of students. Every individual involved with the USC should ask only one question to themselves: How am I going to serve the student? Please save the laurels and lauds for another day and concentrate on filling out your term as the USC president.

Luke Petrykowski
Honours Biology III

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