Volume 94, Issue 99

Tuesday, March 27, 2001


Code of Conduct gets Senate's OK

Refugee camp staged in UCC

CFS lawsuit grows - UBC, Queen's, Alberta named

Fed funding lost to big schools

Ontario creating 57,000 new summer jobs for April

Don't steal parking discs


Corroded Disorder


A big trip to the Big Apple

Going to New York and picking up $10,000 (US) could be one good idea away.

Sony of Canada Ltd has announced the launch of the Sony Canadian Business Plan Competition. The contest, which is organized in association with the Canadian Consulate General in New York City, NY, is intended to promote entrepreneurial spirit at Canadian universities, said John Carter, general manager of corporate communication for Sony Canada.

Carter said the contest is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at accredited Canadian universities, and submissions should focus on information technology and digital media.

"We hope the competition will provide an outlet for these students to develop their skills and get feedback for their future plans," Carter said.

The submissions deadline is May 25. Students interested in applying can learn more at http://canada.550dmv.com.

–Hisham Safieddine

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