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Wednesday, March 28, 2000


Pop duo Sky rules radio airwaves

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Pop duo Sky rules radio airwaves

Photo by Derek Shapton
MMMM – I LOVE A MAN WITH A HAIRY CHEST. Canada's pop duo Sky get a little frisky in preparation for their show tonight at DV8.

By Tara Dermastja
Gazette Staff

Twenty-four year old Anastasia has a lot to talk about.

As the newest member of Montreal's hit group Sky, she has spent the past several months adding her own flair to the band, filling the void left by co-founder James Renaud after his departure over a year ago.

Now, with infectious singles like "Superhero" and "You" climbing the national charts, Sky has reinvented itself as one of Canada's great pop music stories. Yet Anastasia disagrees with the R&B/pop label given to the group, emphasizing a move on the band's second album Travelling Infinity towards an edgier, electronic sound.

And while the album, which was thrown together in a matter of months, shares a familiar sound with Sky's debut, Piece Of Paradise, there are fewer ballads.

Then again, just as the first album exploded on the Canadian music scene, fans have taken notice of Anastasia's unique talent. "We've gotten a lot of positive recognition, especially in Quebec," she says.

But that recognition often comes with an element of confusion, brought about by fans who remember what Sky used to be – a band with two guys. As Anastasia acknowledges, eliminating the confusion will take some time. "I think the hardcore fans love Sky. It's about re-educating the people," she said.

Currently on tour, Anastasia and her musical partner Antoine (neither of whom use their last names in the media) are excited to get back into the studio for their next album.

Spending time in the studio is far from frustrating for the pair who've actually known each other for years. "We know our limits," claims Anastasia. "You have to know the other person and their strengths and weaknesses."

Clearly, one of Anastasia's strengths is her ability to help sustain the success created by the Juno Award winning group.

When camera-shy Renaud left for greener pastures, Antoine was left with the job of finding a new voice. Luckily, running into his childhood friend Anastasia proved fruitful and Sky was slowly reborn.

Ironically, Anastasia didn't listen to pop music during her formative years. "I grew into that," she admits, adding her original tastes favoured Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Now, as a member of Sky, she's getting the chance to do what she loves. And should she ever get a break from the rush of the spotlight, Anastasia hopes to fulfill another dream.

"I'd like to open a little bed and breakfast down South," she reveals, ironically confessing she's in no rush to break into the American market. "It's not one of my biggest concerns," she intones, seemingly more excited to start work on the next album.

"We want to take it a little further. We're not gonna work through formulas." Whether using formulas or not, Sky has no doubt made an imprint in the minds of anyone who has heard their latest singles.

Sky will perform tomorrow night at DV8. Doors will open at 7 p.m.. Tickets are $20 and McAuley will open.

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