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Wednesday, March 28, 2000


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Huron memorial mourns student loss - Jordan Propas remembered

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

A gathering of family, friends and peers will come together today to remember and celebrate the life of Huron University College student Jordan Propas, who died Mar. 17 in a highway traffic accident.

"[Jordan] will be sorely missed and a memorial like this is a personal event that offers an opportunity for the many people whose lives he touched to say goodbye," said friend and housemate Alex Iscoe, a second-year pre-business student at Huron.

"A lot of people have been deeply affected and that's the reason why this is being held," Iscoe said.

Leslie Forbes, a friend and residence Don to Propas last year at Huron, said Propas' passing has been difficult to deal with, but added the memorial will give Huron a chance to grieve for him collectively.

Huron chaplain Elisabeth Geerpsa, said the memorial will be held in Huron's Kingsmill room, better known as the student activity centre at 1 p.m. today. She said the principal, student council president and different people in Propas' life will have a chance to say a few words about their friend.

"That's what a memorial service is for – to talk about grief, celebrate life and have some sort of closure on the situation," she said. "Huron is a tight community and they will pull through this together."

She said those students closest to Propas have been in to see her, while others take comfort in knowing that she is there if they ever need someone to talk to.

Huron principal David Bevan, said Huron has had some input from the family on the gathering, but stated most of the service has been put together by Propas' friends.

"We're trying to keep [the memorial] non-denominational and non-religious. It's more of a memorial gathering than a memorial service," he said.

Bevan said Propas' family will also be present at the memorial. "Jordan's family has said they are looking forward to looking around [Huron] and where their son spent a lot of time."

Lorne Propas, Jordan's father, confirmed he would be in attendance at today's memorial but said he was not ready to say anything else about the event.

He added he hopes the memorial will help students get into a frame of mind in which they can be successful with their examinations, which often do not feel as important during such an emotional time.

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