Volume 94, Issue 99

Wednesday, March 28, 2000


Attack of the parking attendants!

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Attack of the parking attendants!

To the Editor:

We, as students of Western, would like to seriously comment on a few issues that have been on our minds during the last couple of months.

First off, we think that Western has been sucking money out of students left, right and centre. Although we think it's fair, since we choose to attend ourselves, what we don't think is fair is the parking tickets we've been receiving within the past two months, now that the weather has gotten nicer.

Ever since the parking attendants have been let loose, we have been ticketed on a number of occasions, to the point that it has reached an unbelievable amount of money.

What we want everyone to know, especially those who ticketed our car, is that we're not paying a cent.

It's not fair to see all the available parking on campus, yet we still have to pay for a pass on top of our regular tuition, including books. I think it's only fair that we can choose whether to take a bus pass, or parking pass. What about those students who don't take the bus – we are still paying for a bus pass? What about those students who have a car and cannot afford a parking pass?

It's really sad to see that we're paying so much money for schooling, yet its disturbing to see that parking is not free. It's the least the university could do! We are truly standing up for what we believe in being students. I'm sure there are thousands of others out there who totally agree.

This is a serious issue frowned upon by many students and some type of action should be taken immediately. Until some type of action is taken, the parking tickets received by my friend and I will not be paid.

D. Zamani
Health Sciences II

J. Mall
Psychology II

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