Volume 94, Issue 99

Wednesday, March 28, 2000


Attack of the parking attendants!

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There's trouble a brewin' in the hills

To the Editor:

This past Monday, I visited The Spoke for a cold glass of beer and some good times.

However, that same Monday, the atmosphere was more like certain downtown bars on 'Bring your favourite weapon night.' I am directing this letter to the brainless ass-clowns who figured the night would be more fun for all, if they started fights with the bouncers and other patrons.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

I am a borderline alcoholic myself, but not once has the sweet sauce given me the inclination to beat the shit out of anyone I don't know for 'looking at my girl' or the classic 'dissing my home-boy' crap.

As far as I can tell, there were four fights inside the bar, although the fourth may have been a second round of the third.

I don't give a fuck about what was so important that it justified spilling blood on the pool table. What I do care about is that people such as yourselves either cannot handle your liquor, or are just so jacked up on testosterone that you can't help but punch a guy for bumping into you.

If you are going out for the night with the intention of being a caveman, for the love of God, go to another bar, where they expect this kind of garbage.

I would also like to give a huge hats off to the bouncers at The Spoke for handling the situation with the highest level of maturity, without resorting to mindless violence.

In conclusion: Violent drunks, stay home when you're angry.

Jay Surgeoner
Special Student

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