Volume 94, Issue 99

Wednesday, March 28, 2000


Attack of the parking attendants!

There's trouble a brewin' in the hills

Comic makes light of left-wing values

Stickin' it to the feminists

Look out campus blues, it's sticker time

Health? I laugh at 'health' and death

Credit cards just a stepping stone to mortgages and car payments

Maraj's achy breaky heart

Comic makes light of left-wing values

Re: Gazette comics, Mar. 22

To the Editor:

At a massive expense both to the pocket books or students and to their grades, a collection of activist concerned citizens and humanitarians are planning to express their voice at the Free Trade Area of the Americas protest in Québec.

As the realities of so-called 'free trade' becomes ever clearer, we see global corporations abusing the environment, the destruction of social services, and exploitation of people across the globe. I have nothing but the deepest respect for those individuals who have the courage to stand up and express their democratic right to protest.

As many others do, I hope the Québec rally, like Martin Luther King's march on Washington, the Battle at Seattle, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, forces governments to realize that people will not tolerate these injustices.

Yet on Thursday, Mar. 22, The Gazette published a comic that portrayed the protesters as uneducated and ignorant of issues at hand. It appears to me the protesters realize the importance of Québec, but The Gazette seemingly does not.

The stereotypes of Western students as wealthy bimbos can only be confronted by looking at the reality: The protesters are a body of dedicated, educated, committed activists who are taking a stand for their beliefs. Get educated, get organized.

Matt Rae
History II

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