Volume 94, Issue 99

Wednesday, March 28, 2000


Attack of the parking attendants!

There's trouble a brewin' in the hills

Comic makes light of left-wing values

Stickin' it to the feminists

Look out campus blues, it's sticker time

Health? I laugh at 'health' and death

Credit cards just a stepping stone to mortgages and car payments

Maraj's achy breaky heart

Stickin' it to the feminists

Re: Back to the future, Mar. 24.

To the Editor:

Leave it to the feminists to blow an issue out of proportion. Penner and Haras jointly stated that women are constantly being portrayed as sex objects who only wish to please men.

I don't think anyone is being forced against their will to appear in hip hop videos – these women are auditioning for the roles of sluts number one, two and three – even more so, I am sure they have to turn many girls away.

I am in full support of women with strong minds, loud voices and an educated opinion, but ignorance towards this male/female double standard, I refuse to tolerate.

The emotional problems men experience from the opposite sex constantly seem to be ignored because apparently, women can do no wrong.

All of these male bashing ideas postulated by the R&B "men are crap" army only further prevent our positive male representations from being taken seriously.

As for Penner, and Haras' childish attack of Maleus' future parenting abilities, it just demonstrates that perhaps your fathers lacked the ideals to teach you the importance of an open mind.

As for my future daughter, she will be raised with the knowledge that women and men can be equally 'crap,' it is the individual "weeding out" process, personal self-respect and confidence that will give her the ability to recognize the positive from the negative.

Michael Cecchin
Sociology III

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