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Wednesday, March 7, 2001


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Pru provides powerful poetry

Pru provides powerful poetry

Capitol Records

What do you get when you mix soul, poetry and hip hop? The answer is Pru.

On her debut album, Pru refreshingly breaks away from the traditional hip hop subject matter of women, cars and money, managing to weave personal heartache with the bliss of being completely in love.

Coming out of Houston, Texas, Pru is a master of the art of songwriting. The lyrics convey an honesty that makes it seem like they are drawn right from her diary. Through verses from songs such as "Candles" and "Sketches of Pain," Pru is able to reach through the speakers and pluck the listener's heart strings.

The opening track, "Prophecy of a flower," is a soulful, mood setting piece of music that indicates the pace of the rest of the album. The song features a rhythmic, driving chorus that is only out done by the simplicity of the music backing it up.

That's not to say that Pru is lacking in the music department though; there's a wide range of instruments which give the album great depth and texture.

"Aaroma," a cleverly written tune, has a catchy hook meshed wonderfully with a hip hop beat. Pru tells the familiar story of searching for "the one."

If there is any complaint with this album, it's to do with the lack of diverse subject matter. Although Pru avoids getting bogged down by relying on her unique use of poetry, the entire album is about love or the lack thereof.

Pru successfully manages to weave a silky spell with her debut album, putting the listener in a mellow, reflective mood and wanting more.

–Stephen Pizzale

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