Volume 94, Issue 87

Wednesday, March 7, 2001


Prostitution could still be an option

Is Canada in the political doldrums?

Prostitution could still be an option

By Chad Finklestein
Opinions Intern

Before the heat actually turns on, it feels like the heat is already on.

Or to be more specific, it seems that as the warmth and comfort of summer approaches, tension is already mounting to find jobs for the season.

As you wallow in the dark emptiness of your room during exam time, peering out the window with the naive optimism that the snow might finally yield, the last thing on your mind is looking for a time-filler in between the mornings after late-night pina colada benders and dinner.

So what is a weary undergrad to do to secure some form of employment before the onslaught of sunburns and stupid movies begins?

An e-mail was recently sent to all off-campus students offering suggestions for the best places to locate jobs. I was relieved that the school was ready to help and could potentially give me direction.

This did not prove to be the case. Among the instructions about seeking out the most appropriate roommates and cooking the best chocolate desserts, the message of the letter stated that I should check with every friend/relative I have, to see if they know about any possible positions since "most jobs are found this way."

I suppose I knew this all along. Thus, having bled all of my personal connections dry and still waiting for responses, I took a more direct approach and hit the Web.

As most students have already found, or are about to find, the majority of job sites will lead you to the Canadian government address which promises, after a brief application process, summer employment. Jean Chrétien might be involved in some discrepancy right now regarding his Human Resources Department, but I can't imagine that his problem would be a bigger mess than the way Human Resources handles this responsibility.

Either the resumés of myself and those close to me are perceived as poisonous, or this Web site is completely ineffective at finding jobs. Not only that, but every government office you call will direct you to this page, despite its obvious uselessness.

Having trudged through this arduous ordeal for two years in a row, I feel I can confidently conclude that the government's student employment service has the credibility of Richard Hatch.

To those out there who found success in this process, I applaud your efforts and wish you the best. To those who are suffocated with frustration and feel like you're in limbo in the job market, I feel your pain.

So how does a student find some kind of employment? I'm still working on it. But if you know anybody who's hiring, let me know.

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