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Thursday, March 8, 2001


Mojave 3's Halstead finds excuses to travel

Location sinks Greek diner

Talley returns to get paid

Location sinks Greek diner

Kayla Silver/Gazette
AND THROUGH DOOR #3...Mykonos, a restaurant where diners are sure to enjoy some fine Greek cuisine.

572 Adelaide Street

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

Decent cuisine goes down easy, despite a hard-to-swallow restaurant atmosphere.

Geographically secluded from competition of any kind, there exists a Greek restaurant called Mykonos. Although it's not an eye-catching locale, the restaurant combines a touch of elegance with a large menu which will successfully accommodate any appetite.

The traffic-heavy location on Adelaide Street inevitably conjures many questions about its dubious location. Upon arrival, one quickly notices the parking lot is only able to accommodate a few cars, thus forcing others to seek parking on nearby side roads. It's no secret that a four block hike on a cold day can easily dampen one's dining experience.

Once inside, diners may encounter some confusion. The food pickup line is easily mistakable for the dinner line and in such an instance, only the warm, welcoming server can save you.

Upon receiving the menu, things quickly change for the better, though not entirely. The menu is quite extensive and offers something to accommodate most diners. Although the restaurant mainly specializes in Greek dining, even the pickiest eaters can find comfort in the fish and chips section.

The appetizers range both in content and price, from soups and salads to far more traditional Greek dishes like Saganaki and Spanakopitaki. The former is pan-fried cheese, the latter is spinach and cheese wrapped in a phyllo pastry. The Spanakopitaki is ordered individually, allowing you to choose the amount you wish to consume. The flavour filled morsels prove quite tasty and are well-priced.

Luckily, for the uneducated Greek diner, the entrées and appetizers are all stated in Greek and then spelt out in English. There are approximately six different sections to choose from, including lamb dishes, catch of the day, Greek entrées and vegetarian dishes.

Mykonos maintains a strong reputation for serving some of the best lamb dishes in London. The selections range from lamb liver to lamb Yuvetsi, which is oven-baked minestrone and hearty chunks of lamb in a tomato-herb sauce. The Yemista, green peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice and fresh herbs in a tomato base, are especially delightful and filling.

For a mere dollar, one can upgrade a meal to deluxe, which includes the addition of a Greek salad and bread. Unfortunately, the Greek salad is unexpectedly mild and tasteless, and the feta cheese is next to impossible to locate among the Parmesan-heavy lettuce.

After ordering, one should not expect much more contact from the server. They quickly become scarce, only appearing to deliver or retrieve food.

However, Mykonos delivers where it counts most, the food. The cuisine is excellent, with generous portions cooked to sheer perfection. It's unfortunate none of the other aspects work to complement this more, particularly the disappointing Greek salad.

Mykonos is a welcoming restaurant with a touch of class and modest prices, sadly dampened by its undesirable location.

Quality of Cuisine 4/5

Bang for your Buck 2.5/5

Ambiance and Locale 2/5

Overall 3/5

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