Volume 94, Issue 89

Friday, March 9, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Survivor? We could do that too

Letters to the Editor

I just called to say 'I love you'

Re: My "e-leash" did me well, Mar. 6

To the Editor:

Brent Newman's declaration that "cellular phones have many uses" could not possibly be more misguided. Cell phones have precisely one legitimate use: To get help in life or death situations. In a utopian society, this is ALL they would be used for.

Instead, what I am faced with on an increasing basis is a bunch of half-witted sorority sisters who believe that wireless technology exists as their personal gossip medium. Cell phones allow them to discuss the psychological implications of who's-doing-who in the current episode of Dawson's Creek; and invariably these conversations take place on my bus rides where there exists no escape from this seemingly endless assault of stupidity.

Newman wisely points out that cell phones are the cause of endless frustration when they go off in movies or lectures. Yet he stops short of criticizing these inconsiderate idiots who obviously are not responsible enough to handle such advanced technology.

The idea that cell phones are OK "as long as people use them responsibly," is absolutely ludicrous. This is analogous to saying: "As long as people use nuclear warheads responsibly, they're just fantastic."

The bottom line: We need to get rid of cell phones. My proposed solution would be systematic ostracism. As a society, we have to insult, demean and humiliate cell phone owners everywhere until they get the point and turn their damn cell phones off. Try calling such people "stupid" or "fat" or "stupid and fat."

You'll be amazed at the results.

Eminent philosopher Marshall McLuhan famously decreed that "the medium is the message." Holding this statement to be true, if the medium is cell phones, the message seems to read something like "underdeveloped social skills and an indifference towards being chronically irritating."

Mike Estey
Film IV

A federal supporter extols the virtues of Human Resources Canada

Re: Prostitution could still be an option, Mar. 7

To the Editor:

Chad Finkelstein's tirade against the government and specifically the Human Resources Development of Canada, is uninformed and inaccurate.

It is so easy to jump on the bandwagon and complain about the recent "scandal" that has emerged within that department, but contrary to what Finkelstein believes, that is not the reason he has been unable to find work.

As an employee of the HRDC last summer, my co-workers and I helped over 2,000 students find summer employment. Without the services and assistance provided by the government, those students would have had a far more difficult time finding summer jobs.

The government does not promise employment, as Finkelstein asserts. But it does help find jobs for those who are willing to work. I feel sorry for Finkelstein if he couldn't find employment, but perhaps he needs to look at himself and stop blaming the government for his shortcomings.

The jobs are out there, you just need to put some personal effort into finding one.

Mark Cornell
History/Politics III

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