Volume 95, Issue 1

Thursday, May 24, 2001


Editorial Board 2001-2002

Sweet Memories

Editorial Cartoon

Sweet Memories

It's been a while since The Gazette last hit news stands and so we'd like to review, in an easy to understand format, a few of the current events you may have missed in our absence:

The recent Ontario budget: 

The Good: Harris' Tories are planning to invest $1.8 billion -- the largest investment in 30 years Ñ to meet the demands placed on post-secondary instutions by the looming double cohort. 

The Bad: The money is not targeted at any specific area. The province has the cash, but is not making any promises on where it will be spent. 

The Ugly: The province has thrown out so many numbers as to how the investment will be divided up that it takes a PhD in accounting just to figure out what they're talking about. 

The meningitis vaccination clinics: 

The Good:  The London Middlesex Health unit has so far met 3/4 of its target goal for number of vaccinations given to the general public. 

The Bad: The most recent case of meningococcal disease has struck a ten-year-old boy. While vaccinations are well underway, this is clearly a sign the disease remains a threat to the community at large. 

The Ugly: The disease itself can be potentially fatal.

The Student Code of Conduct:

The Good: Before the guidelines concerning behaviour were shady -- now, they are codified and can be consulted by any member of the Western community. Students can now hang their hats on a solid set of rules. 

The Bad: Western students can now be punished for their incorrigible behaviour off-campus. Remember to wear a Fanshawe sweater when engaging in debauchery. 
The Ugly: The administration has a surefire way to punish you now -- watch out!

The Medical Education Task Force on Tuition and Accessibility:

The Good: Medical tuition in 1997 was roughly $4,800.

The Bad: In 2002, tuition will skyrocket to a painful $14,000.

The Ugly: Competition has become heated between Ivey and the Medical school on campus to see which school can gouge more money out of students' moth-infested pocketbooks.

The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas:

The Good: There has been increased activism and awareness about the negative externalities of globilization and free trade. 

The Bad: Small-scale violence rocked parts of Quebec City as radical protesters and police clashed in the streets. 

The Ugly: Our reporters forgot to pack gas masks.

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