Volume 95, Issue 1

Thursday, May 24, 2001


Code of Conduct now in place

Med students now pay $14,000 per year

Meningococcal: "This is not an epidemic"

Spots of controversy in Code

Tory budget: Western happy, USC mad

Summer jobs in abundance

Campus Inquisition

Mixed views follow Summit

Diverse agendas with a common purpose

Word on and off the streets concerning the Summit protests in Quebec City

Spots of controversy in Code

The following are various sections of the Code which came under heavy scrutiny, along with both Senate and BOG's recommendations and responses.

Section I. Scope of Code:

"6. This code applies to:

c. off-campus conduct that has, or might reasonably be seen to have, an adverse effect on the proper functioning of the university."

Senate's recommendation: 
Insert the following clause: "[the object of producing] such that part c reads: off-campus conduct that has, or might reasonably be seen to have, object of producing an adverse effect ..."

BOG's reponse
Recommendation denied 

Section V. Student Code Rules:[apply]

"9. b. In the case of an officer, leader or spokesperson of a student group or an organization at the university, consenting to, encouraging, or aiding others in the commission of an act prohibited under this Code."

Senate's recommendation
Delete this clause.

BOG's reponse
Recommendation endorsed

Section VIII. Procedures:

"7. At all meetings with the Dean (Vice Provost), the student maybe accompanied by a colleague of his or her choosing. Legal representation is not permitted."

Senate's recommendation
Allow for legal representation at this stage

BOG's response
Recommendation denied

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