Volume 95, Issue 1

Thursday, May 24, 2001


Code of Conduct now in place

Med students now pay $14,000 per year

Meningococcal: "This is not an epidemic"

Spots of controversy in Code

Tory budget: Western happy, USC mad

Summer jobs in abundance

Campus Inquisition

Mixed views follow Summit

Diverse agendas with a common purpose

Word on and off the streets concerning the Summit protests in Quebec City

Campus Inquisition

What was the increase in post-secondary funding announced in the Tory government's recent provincial budget and how much funding do you think would have been appropriate?

Anne Stock
PhD French, II
"I think around $216 million. Whatever he thinks is reasonable it should be double. Mike Harris is stingy."

Christian Hein
Administrative and Commercial Studies, IV
"I don't know what they announced, but they should be putting more than there is right now. Our economy is moving towards a knowledge economy - we don't want to be left behind."

Andrew Bowman
Civil Engineering, IV
"I don't know the number, but certainly we're underfunded and I'm always more then happy to see money go towards post-secondary education."

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