Volume 95, Issue 2

Thursday, May 31, 2001


Seasons change on Friday

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Shits and giggles

Blues Traveller return with moody Bridge

Seasons change on Friday

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

Did you say London and musical talent in the same line? 

There are individuals who would instantly laugh at the idea London has a strong local music scene. Those same people remain ignorant to the fact almost every weekend there are concerts showcasing local talent and this Friday is no exception. 

The band seasons of change are gearing up to bring their own blend of melodic hard-core to the Embassy and guitarist Brandon King took a moment to reflect on London's musical situation.

The local act formed in February out of the ashes of Paradigm Shift and Triple Threat and converged as a strong, energetic and talented group of musicians who really rock the house. 

So what does King think about London's music scene? "London has a great scene. There are tonnes of good bands and styles of music here. There is usually a show every weekend and I think all we need is more venues. I personally enjoy playing at the Memorial Boys and Girls Club," King explains. "It is a non-smoking venue and the kids there really enjoy it so they are the most fun to play to."

London's scene however, is by no means perfect and King goes on to say why. "Divided scenes is a problem in London. Sometimes there are too many shows on the same night and people who would normally go to both are forced to choose. But in general, the people are all great." 

More important than the state of the local scene for King is the current situation of his band. "Music is my life and my life revolves around music. It is the one thing I really want to do with my life right now," King says.

"We just want to play as many shows as possible. We are planning on recording a demo in the summer, but we are more concerned about getting the songs tight while having fun. The more you play, the more you improve."

Despite critique of both the local scene and the hard-core music genre, seasons of change are just doing what they love to do. This talented young band finds their strength and motivation to continue not from any critiques, but from the people who spend their time and money to attend the shows.

Many people may be instantly turned away by female vocalist Romy Poletti's screaming vocals, but King asserts her singing style is an asset for their overall goal and sound. 

"I think [screaming] is a talent and I think Romy is incredible. We get lots of comments about her vocals from the people at our shows. Many people point out that most guys can't even scream like her so it is a definite talent," King explains. 

"I guess they just need to talk to her. Never just judge people. You can scream a positive message. It is just a different way of expressing it."

Gazette File Photo
"MUSIC IS MY LIFE AND MY LIFE REVOLVES AROUND MUSIC." Some sound words from seasons of change guitarist Brandon King.

Although it is difficult for these five young adults to juggle school, work and co-ordinate practice schedules, they always seem to manage. "School has to be my number one priority but the band and my friends are definitely number two."

The band has only been together for a couple of months and have already begun playing out of town shows. King is not really sure what the future holds, but he does have a dream. 

"My dream is to play in a band that can be moderately successful," he jokes. However, on a more serious note, he says, "If we ever got to a larger status, I would only want to play local shows. We want to see the people get into the music and enjoy themselves."

King encourages people to get their concert shoes and ear plugs ready as seasons of change brings their hard-core sound and a strong mix of energy, passion and talent to the Embassy. 

"We do lots of crazy jumps while playing. It's all about not playing in shoes! You got to watch out for sharp objects though."

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