Volume 95, Issue 34

Thursday, November 1, 2001
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Disc of the week

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Disc of the week


Pretty Together


Fans of rock 'n roll rejoice – Sloan is back with their sixth full-length studio album and Pretty Together is their best work yet.

After the disappointing sales of Between the Bridges, Halifax's favorite sons have returned with 13 new tracks that reflect a variety of influences, including KISS, The Who and even Simon and Garfunkel.

On Pretty Together, the band remains true to their old-school formula of four individual songwriters collaborating on each other's songs. The equal partnership of the band members is evident throughout the record, with each contributing their unique styles to the tracks.

The first single is a kick-ass love letter to rock and roll entitled, "If It Feels Good, Do It." The track features Chris Murphy and Patrick Pentland harmonizing on lead vocals, with Jay Ferguson and Andrew Scott adding high-energy guitar riffs and solid drum beats, making it an ear-pleasing, old fashioned rock song.

Throughout the CD, each of Sloan's members demonstrate a distinct growth in the maturity of their songwriting, but Murphy's efforts standout.

His work on the brazen confession, "The Other Man" and the melancholic lament, "The Life Of A Working Girl" displays an astounding amount of sincerity and true songwriting talent.

Andrew Scott's songs channel the sonic soundscape of The Who, while Jay Ferguson checks in with what may be some of the saddest love songs in recent memory, most notably, the heart-breaking "Are You Giving Me Back My Love?"

This album recalls the innovative spirit and enthusiasm of their early releases Smeared and Twice Removed, but with an impressive growth in the maturity of their songwriting.

–Maggie Wrobel

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