Volume 95, Issue 34
Thursday, November 1, 2001
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Masturbators lurk, paths remain unlit
City reluctant to install lamps

Students should be wary of the shadowy paths surrounding Western's campus as it appears little light will be shed on them in the foreseeable future.

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Smokers burned by new law

Smokers in London are about to be hit with more restrictions on their deadly habit.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
DOUBLE JEOPARDY. Kyle Martin, a third-year biology student, wallows in his studies and the wafting scent of carcinogenic perfume Wednesday at The Spoke. The question is, which will kill him first - cancer or boredom? Oh well, at least he's not stealing bibles.

Lindros' lawyer talks shop

Sports and entertainment lawyer, agent and professor Gordon Kirke taught Western students to "show me the money" yesterday afternoon.

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The world at war

The death toll in America's anthrax crisis reached four Wednesday when a New York woman lost her struggle with the virus, three days after checking into hospital with flu-like symptoms.

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Blue Ginger a monumental experience

Some restaurants are cozy. Some have good food, but bad decor. Some have food that doesn't justify the price on the menu. Some restaurants make you wait and then bring your food out cold.

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Is the West hiding the NBA's big winner?

The West is once again primed to be wild.

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