Volume 95, Issue 40

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
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SSSC: a bunch of goofballs

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SSSC: a bunch of goofballs

Re: "O-week money missing," Nov. 8

To the Editor:

The Social Science Students' Council exists to provide social science students with extra-curricular activities that offer them ways to balance their lives and broaden their horizons.

They do not exist to make money by selling frosh kits; they do not exist so they can attach a title to their name that makes them feel cool. Their positions do not exist so they can have a pretty resume.

$7,400 is pennies. They could easily raise that amount of money by throwing three or four successful pub nights. To sell your – our – head soph down the river like this is completely irresponsible and utterly incomprehensible to me.

I know not all social science sophs are idiots because I know some of them and because they dismissed Yeoman's motion. They all owe Sarah an apology, they owe social science students an apology and all of them who had anything to do with Orientation week should be feeling deeply ashamed of putting such a low value on such a great week.

The article in The Gazette seems to me to have implied that Sarah Brock may have embezzled money from the O-week pot when it said "approximately $7,400 is still not accounted for."

This is absolutely not true. Head sophs do not even see any money during the week other than the money sophs pay for their soph kits.

The money the councils deal with is money gained from the sale of frosh kits. That money is collected by the University Students' Council and no head soph ever even sees it. The USC then sends a cheque to the councils.

I spoke to Sarah on Thursday and she told me that the reason for the discrepancy is a miscommunication during the summer. She says she has been trying to speak to members of the SSSC about it all year, but they have always said they are too busy to talk to her.

The SSSC are a bunch of goofballs and need to get their act together.

Doug Chesterman

Social Science Soph 2001

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