Volume 95, Issue 40

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
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Resignation call is unwarranted and premature

Resignation call is unwarranted and premature

Re: "Accepting the consequences," Nov. 9

To the Editor:

When information gets filtered through a third party source, there is always a danger that information will contain distortions or be skewed in such a manner that the actual truth of the situation becomes obscured.

As a member of the Social Science Students' Council present when the meeting on Wednesday went into confidential to discuss the serious matter of Orientation week overspending, I can say the intention was certainly not to "hide the truth from students."

There was a very legitimate and serious reason why confidentiality was a necessity. In the coming weeks, when an appropriate course of action has been decided upon, this reason will become apparent to the student body.

The Gazette's call for Social Science Students' Council president Duane Baxter's resignation is extremely premature and unwarranted.

It is more reflective of tabloid sensationalism, not the high standards The Gazette has worked to achieve for itself.

Victoria Hollick

Economics III

USC Social Science Councillor

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