Volume 95, Issue 41

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
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Disc of the Week

Disc of the Week

FrontLine Assembly

Metropolis Records

Although Epitaph may be the final inscription for FrontLine Assembly, these masters of synth have made one hell of an exit.

Dubbed "introspective" in scope, the new disc from FLA is more low-key than past efforts, but every bit as intense.

The album's industrialized electronic sound gives a post-apocalyptic feel while the hoarse, whispered lyrics chisel their way into the listener's consciousness. "Backlash" is a percussion-heavy composition that takes the listener on a wild ride into the heart of the industrial realm. Filled with a sense of sadness and morbid desperation, the track expresses sentiments such as, "open wounds will never heal."

"Everything Must Perish," the album's first single, provides a change from the rest of the disc. Thick with references to the past, the harmonious track is both peaceful and melancholic.

One of the most emotional songs on the album is the dark "Insolence," comprised of heavenly rhythms overlaid with pounding beats. Speaking of the mortality of mankind, this deeply moving piece resonates with thought-provoking lyrics.

Throughout Epitaph, the artificiality of the synthesized music is contrasted with the profound emotional context of the lyrics.

Mixing rage with beauty and passion with despair, FrontLine Assembly prove that if they have left their project for dead, it will rest in peace.

–Megan O'Toole

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