Volume 95, Issue 41

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
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Off-campus kids have guardian angels

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

For those afraid to leave the clutches of their residences and the guidance of dons and residence advisors for the world outside Western's gates, have no fear, off-campus advisors will watch out for you.

Off-campus advisors are hired to make students aware of issues related to off-campus living and answer calls from the community, said Glenn Matthews, Western's housing mediation officer.

The off-campus advisor program was developed to assist with the integration of students into the community and was a pilot project last year with only eight advisors, Matthews said, adding this year, the program is in full operation with 24 advisors.

When a student makes a complaint about a neighbour, OCAs are not to act as enforcers, but as mediators between the two parties, Matthews explained. He said OCAs are there to state city by-laws and then leave it up to the students to decide what to do next.

Victoria Waechter, an off-campus advisor for the west side of campus, said she enjoys her role and has met many new people through the program.

Waechter said she has learned about many new things, including legal issues regarding landlords.

The off-campus advisor program is by no means a new concept.

Brad Nicpon, the University Students' Council's municipal affairs commissioner, said a similar program, USC Street Captains, existed for several years under his portfolio, but stopped with the creation of off-campus advisors, due to the difficulty in running two almost identical programs.

Nicpon said he was not upset by the discontinuation of his program due to Western administration's new OCA program. "But it does mean the USC lost an important program that had students working with students," he said.

While USC Street Captains ran its program similar to off-campus advisors, OCAs are paid for their time and street captains worked solely on a volunteer basis, Nicpon said.

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