Volume 95, Issue 41

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
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No justification for U.S. attacks

First, dig five million graves

First, dig five million graves

To the Editor:

The United Nations World Food Project, Oxfam, Doctors without Borders and other humanitarian organizations are pleading with the United States to immediately suspend the bombing in Afghanistan.

American bombing has severely disrupted humanitarian relief efforts throughout that destitute country. A humanitarian crisis that might have been manageable prior to the attacks is now almost certain to result in famine.

More than five million people are in danger of starvation as winter approaches. American air-drops seem to be largely symbolic and cannot provide more than one per cent of the food Afghanis need.

It is widely believed, even by the U.S. Secretary of Defense it seems, the American-led air strikes are unlikely to kill Osama bin Laden or even seriously damage his terrorist organization.

American officials also seem to admit the "war on terrorism" will in fact draw thousands of young men to bin Laden's cause and make terrorism more, rather than less, likely.

We can only conclude, therefore, that the U.S. air attacks are for domestic consumption, designed to satisfy the desire for revenge the American people feel.

An old saying goes that a person who seeks revenge must first dig two graves. In this case, we might perhaps first dig five million.

Graham Broad

PhD History candidate

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