Volume 95, Issue 41

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
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USC bails out SSSC

By Jessica Leeder
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council has extended a hand to help the Social Science Students' Council ease the financial strain of their $7,400 debt.

According to SSSC president Duane Baxter, the SSSC is in the process of submitting a proposal to the USC who are considering helping the council.

Currently, $1,251.90 is owed to Murphy Bus Lines which, according to Baxter, SSSC will be paying with their own funds.

Aside from that, a total of $6,148.36 is still owed to Western Fair's IMAX theatre and the council says they will be unable to pay this amount in full without exhausting their operating budget.

"If we can get enough money to cover the IMAX bill, then everything else will be fine," Baxter said. "Everything else in the budget is contingent upon the money we get [from the USC]."

Rob Irvine, USC VP-Finance, said the USC accounts for "these types of situations" in their budgets.

"Each student pays $6.29 in what is called faculty grant fees, which are collected by the USC and then redistributed to each faculty. Five per cent of what is collected is kept by the [USC] for situations like this one," Irvine said.

"You have to consider that some of these budgets are very small. You could run a formal and have no one show up and lose your entire operating budget," he said.

In the case the USC does not have enough money in the budget to pay the SSSC's bills, Irvine said the USC will still help the SSSC raise funds.

Irvine called this year's SSSC "ambitious," but expressed concerns students could suffer, if the USC does not help out.

"One way or another, the USC is going to help them through the situation. Faculty councils are a big part of our representation," Irvine said.

Western Fair IMAX sales manager Voytek Michaelczyk said there may be different payment options for the council.

"It's really up to the accounting department," he said, adding he did not rule out setting up a payment plan.

The SSSC will examine ways to prevent future financial problems related to Orientation week spending at next Wednesday's council meeting, Baxter said.

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