Volume 95, Issue 41

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
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Off-campus karaoke fun!!!

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Off-campus karaoke fun!!!

Re: "USC to build off-campus voice," Nov. 7

To the Editor:

We are concerned about the misinformation surrounding programs available to first year off-campus students at Western.

The Off-Campus Don Program (OCDP) consists of 30 Western students who each provide a link to approximately 30-40 first-year students according to faculty.

The OC dons work with the OC sophs during O-week to welcome off-campus frosh to Western. The OC sophs are a group of 50 dedicated and spirited Western students who are committed to providing off-campus frosh with the same opportunities as students in residence.

The OC program has enjoyed more successes this year than ever before. The number of OC frosh at O-week events was absolutely amazing and the OC frosh continue to participate in the don program in record numbers.

We believe the statistics speak for themselves: Two successful social events (trip to the Boys and Girls Club with 60 people and a Halloween karaoke at Luigi O'Briens with more than 100 people).

We have also developed the creation of over 75 study groups with at least five frosh per group, the booking of study rooms on campus for the exam period and promotion of Student Development Centre seminars, an extremely successful philanthropy program where a garage sale for Big Sister's raised $1,000 and, starting now, a holiday raffle to raise money for the Battered Women's Advocacy Centre and sponsor a family for the holiday season.

We currently have five intramural teams participating in Campus Recreation activities and are in contact with all faculty councils to promote their events.

We are in no way opposed to the creation of an OC Council to provide a link to the University Students' Council for first-year students – the off-campus dons and sophs do provide representation and support for all OC frosh.

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the Off-Campus Resource Centre, room 65f, Stevenson-Lawson Building.

Beth Skinner

Academic Committee Chair, Off-Campus Dons

Tara Kozicki

Social Committee Chair, Off-Campus Dons

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