Volume 95, Issue 42

Thursday, November 15, 2001
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News Briefs

Choo choo! -- all aboard the hippie train

By Adam Booth
Gazette Staff

The Quebec to Qatar Caravan rolled into Western yesterday, as part of the continuing efforts to "fight the power."

A cross-Canada campaign organized by the Common Front on the World Trade Organization, the caravan is composed of national groups from all cultural backgrounds and areas of social concern, hoping to shed light on problems connected to groups like the World Trade Organization.

"Right now we are signing away [our common civil] securities by signing into groups like WTO," said Canadian Fair Trade Organization representative Erin George, adding Canadians are in danger of losing liberties like access to health care and education.

Berenice Celeyta, of the Human Rights Association for Research and Social Action, echoed George's concerns.

"Forty per cent of children in Colombia cannot go to school because [education] is privatized," Celeyta said, explaining privatization makes it difficult for many to afford schooling.

Approximately 9,000 political protesters were killed last year in Colombia, including university students demonstrating against the privatization of education, Celeyta said.

"Four hundred and fifty peasants and miners were killed last year and 16,000 were [forced] from their homes and mines by U.S. trade groups, supported by the Colombian government," said Francisco Ramirez, president of the Colombian Miners' Union.

"[Bolivian People] are now having to pay for something they have historically had for free," said Ivan Ignacio, president of the Andean Council of Indigenous People. Ignacio added the Andean government is currently privatizing water, education and phone services, making these things difficult to afford.

"What people can do is find out the names of their [MPs] and contact them about finding better [trade] solutions than what the WTO offers," George said.

Proper solutions to globalization must be found in order to prevent situations like the attacks on Sept. 11, she added.

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