Volume 95, Issue 42

Thursday, November 15, 2001
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Stockwell sucks up to young PCs

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News Briefs

Stockwell sucks up to young PCs

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

"When I die, there will be a 'Stockwell day,'" Chris Stockwell, provincial Minister of Heath and Tory leadership potential candidate, joked yesterday.

While speaking to the UWO PC Club, Stockwell energetically discussed the race to replace resigning Progressive Conservative leader Mike Harris and yesterday's decision by Ernie Eves to jump into the mix.

"I have some ideas about running myself for leader of the Progressive Conservative party," Stockwell said. "It's something I'm very seriously considering."

A total of five candidates are currently thinking about running for party leadership, Stockwell noted. He said Eves is a very popular person with charisma and money and his decision to run will create exciting debate. "I think [his decision to run] will affect all our campaigns," he said.

"If he thinks he's going to whistle through this thing, he is sadly mistaken," Stockwell said. "I think Ernie will be on the last ballot at the convention – the question is who will be on the last ballot with him and who will win."

The upcoming leadership race is an opportunity for Tories to develop a new agenda, Stockwell said. Tories need to examine different options six years after the introduction of the Common Sense Revolution, he added.

"We have some mending to do – we are a little down in the holes," he said, pointing to health care and the environment as two important areas in need of examination.

"There is a beginning, middle and end to all revolutions – I'm wondering if we're closing in on the end of this revolution," he said.

On the subject of private universities, Stockwell said his constituents have not expressed much concern. He added he would not write legislation to preclude American universities from setting up shop in Canada.

Stockwell is an example of a "new breed" of politician who is issue-oriented, rather than ideology-driven, said Rohan Beliappa, UWO PC Club president and the event organizer.

"He gets straight to the point on most things and tells it like it is," he said.

"It was a really great speech – I liked how he said why students should support him," said Karen Murdoch, a second-year Fanshawe College student who is involved with the UWO PC Club due to a lack of a similar Fanshawe-based club.

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