Volume 95, Issue 42

Thursday, November 15, 2001
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Former head soph speaks up

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Former head soph speaks up

To the Editor:

As a previous head soph of Social Science, I am following the events taking place in the faculty of Social Science regarding this year's Orientation week very closely.

Some concern has been raised over the head soph selection process. As outgoing head soph, I sat on the selection committee that chose Sarah Brock.

I, as well of the rest of the committee felt, after weighing all the information (academic situation included), that Sarah was the best candidate for the position.

This committee held a wealth of O-week and council knowledge. Rest assured, the committee selected the most qualified candidate presented to them.

Unfortunately, it seems Sarah was unable to perform all aspects of the position at an acceptable level. I will be the first to commend her on her soph team's performance, dedication and camaraderie.

The position of head soph, however, is more than just leading the soph team. Head sophs are event planners, money managers, spokesmen for their constituencies and liaisons between sophs and the University Students' Council and their respective councils.

Regretably, it seems the students of social science will pay for the miscalculation of funds. To give you some perspective on what $8,000 means to a council the size of the Social Science Students' Council, it would be the total allocations for special donations and sponsorships the SSSC allocates for two years!

All this said, the social science Orientation program is still an exceptional program. The level of sophs who apply every year is staggering. Social science sophs never cease to amaze me.

I hope this incident does not lower the level of support at Western for O-week. It is one of the greatest activities put on by the students and serves a vital purpose to the Western community.

Jon Santos

Social Science Head Soph 2000

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