Volume 95, Issue 43

Friday, November 16, 2001
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How you say "N-Ah-So" good?

'Chindogus' now on sale at Multimart

Stagnant Swamp finds new life

And the boots go marching 10 by 10, hurrah! Hurrah!

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CHRW Top 20

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Happy people – those who live in a world full of hope, positivity and denial serve no use besides being an object to beat your frustrations out on.

Music industry folks – especially the ones who don't do their jobs and are never in their office.

Financial Aid Office – isn't there something wrong when you visit them and everyone around you is crying?

OSAP – because they won't give you money when one of your parents has been ill and unemployed without unemployment insurance for the past year and you make less than $2/hour working at a student newspaper.


Cigarettes and caffeine – sporadic self-destruction is often good for the soul.

Rockstars in UCC – Sloan members looking lost in the atrium are entertaining, especially little Jay sporting a toque in CentreSpot.

Team Hippie – so much better than those arrogant Bourgeoisie types.

President's Choice White Cheese and Macaroni – mmm, mmm, good – especially with fresh ground pepper. Bonus: you don't have to worry about giving money to that Phillip Morris guy.

–Andrea Chiu

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