Volume 95, Issue 43

Friday, November 16, 2001
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"Globalized world demands a focus on the individual"

WIN telling women what to think?


WIN telling women what to think?

Re: "W-kids battle WIN in 'pimping' showdown," Nov. 14.

To the Editor:

The "W-girls" calendar is fabulous! The women are beautiful and the pictures are tasteful.

The calendar should be seen as a celebration of the female form, not as the objectification and exploitation of women, as has been suggested by members of the Women's Issues Network.

This calendar is in itself legitimate. It doesn't even need to be tied to a donation campaign to be valid, as some would suggest. It's just a great idea!

How many times have you heard someone suggest this idea and not pursue it?

On the note of objectification and exploitation, this must be said: these beautiful women, who happen to go to Western, chose to be part of this initiative.

As an advocate of women's free choice, WIN should be fully supportive, rather than oppressive, with respect to the "W-girls" calendar.

Women on this campus make decisions that don't necessarily reflect a certain WIN political agenda and consequently, controversy ensues.

WIN should make up it's mind, stop being inconsistent and follow a true line of thought.

One must ask: is WIN for women's choice or are they like their very "oppressors" – trying to mould Western's women to fit particular WIN ideals?

Kudos to Lucas Atkins for going through with the project in the face of adversity!

Melissa Groendyk

Geology/Environmental Science II

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