Volume 95, Issue 43
Friday, November 16, 2001
Kandahar Lane
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Profs slam television war
CNN and Hollywood create fake reality

Television may be entertaining and visually stimulating, but as a source of reliable war coverage, it leaves a lot to be desired, according to a panel of Western professors.

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Western students must consider fire safety

The death of an eight-year-old London girl in a house fire this week has sparked safety concerns across the city.

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©Lauren Starr/Gazette
EVERYONE KNOWS, IT JUST AIN'T A MINIATURE BRIDGE UNTIL YOU PUT THE BIG CIRCLE THING AT THE BOTTOM. Ashley Rammeloo, a second-year engineering student, tests the "Big Berth" bridge, built by Rob Lowry and Jack Turner for the Engineering Popsicle stick bridge-building contest Thursday.

Run for your lives: the sky is falling!

The shooting stars in the sky on Saturday night may have nothing to do with that dreamy guy or girl whispering sweet nothings in your ear. It may just be the Leonid meteor shower.

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Taliban predicts 'destruction'

The Taliban may be losing its grip on Afghanistan, but, according to its leader, he and al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden remain focused on the "destruction of America."

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How you say "N-Ah-So" good?

Few foods connect with the soul the way fresh sushi does.

Seafood and rice complemented by soy sauce is a heavenly treat and Ah-So Gardens provides a suitable setting to enjoy an authentic Japanese meal.

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