Volume 95, Issue 43

Friday, November 16, 2001
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"Globalized world demands a focus on the individual"

WIN telling women what to think?


"Globalized world demands a focus on the individual"

Re: "America has the right to self-defense," Nov. 7

To the Editor:

What people like Eric Freedman and the terrorists see are two sides of the same coin.

Each defends their right to be – the Muslim way of life threatened by Western policies, the West in turn, threatened by the East. Aggression between them has not been manifested in the recent attack and response; it began long ago with economic sanctions and other Western policies.

Terrorism is the perceived self-defense of individuals suffering from greater, systemic though silent, acts of terror. Freedman states, "the U.S. has gone out of its way to kill as few innocents as possible."

We all know this is false. In Iraq, the death of hundreds of thousands of children can be linked to internationalized U.S. policies. Western ideologies are being imposed and removing power from the people, as in Cuba, Afghanistan and many other countries.

Worse still, these people have native materialist elites who perpetuate and bureaucratize injustice. It is no wonder crazed individuals emerge with hostility towards the countries responsible for liberal and material ideals.

The globalized world demands a focus on the individual, Islam demands the community; the West encourages materialism, Islam encourages modesty.

Until we allow these nations to develop in a fashion congruent with their own values and ideologies, there will always be a bin Laden attempting to protect them from Western practices.

The battle waged against Eastern and Islamic ideology has resulted in the battle we witness today. Until people begin to redress the inconsistencies and intolerance that creates this aggression, we will continually be subject to a clash of civilizations manifested in the perpetuation of injustice and aggression.

Oddly, from their perspective, it is us who inflict the terror. It just so happens that we, in their image, coined the term terrorist first.

Randa Mouammar

MA Politics candidate


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