Volume 95, Issue 35

Friday, November 2, 2001
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Someone get the boy some fries

Policy conventions: more than just ass smoochin'


Policy conventions: more than just ass smoochin'

Re: "Free booze, free eats and a buffet of young PCs," Oct. 30

To the Editor:

Thank you for your article on the UWO Progressive Conservative Association's Policy Convention Pub Night. We were pleased to host some of the Gazette staff.

These conventions offer students the opportunity to directly observe and participate in government policy creation. Students see a side of government beyond what is written in the media, thus expanding their knowledge base beyond the mainstream.

This improves their ability to critically analyse government policy and actions – necessary prerequisites to become an informed voter, political activist or to hold public office.

Though political apathy and misinformation are widespread among youth, social events such as our Convention Pub Night are relaxed, informal ways to learn more about the business of government right at the source.

Students can see for themselves firsthand what happens at such events and then read other viewpoints in the media on the same event.

This was the first convention for many of Western's youth contingent. Meeting the Right Honourable Joe Clark certainly did excite them.

Meeting with cabinet ministers is not always "ass-kissing" as was suggested, but a direct means of having policy questions answered and policy suggestions heard for students with intellectual leanings.

I encourage students who are political science majors, have an interest in politics or aspire to be government leaders to join any University Students' Council political club and take part in policy conventions of all ideological stripes.

They can be great learning experiences and good times, allowing tomorrow's leaders to expand their horizons today.

Thanks again to The Gazette for their coverage.

Rohan Belliappa

President, UWO PC Association


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