Volume 95, Issue 35
Friday, November 2, 2001
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Hellyer: U.S. will swallow Canada
Former deputy PM says Canada must change now

A rousing chorus of "O Canada" began a lecture on the possible end of Canadian independence, Thursday night.

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The world at war

Anthrax has now been found in the American midwest and, for the first time, in Europe, while investigators continue to struggle for clues in the mysterious anthrax-related death of a hospital worker in New York.

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ęBeth Kerim/Gazette
I SWEAR TO GOD, MY PROSTATE IS THIS BIG. Paul Hellyer, former deputy prime minister to Lester B. Pearson, spoke on the end of Canadian sovereignty Thursday at the Richard Ivey School of Business.

P/Ters want full-time respect
'Many of us have to work other jobs to survive'

Some of Western's faculty believe they're being wronged.

This past week, part-time faculty at universities and colleges across North America have been attempting to raise awareness of what they believe to be exploitative working conditions, through their Fair Employment Week.

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Pass the lentils: free lunch at Lakehead

Potatoes are feeding hungry mouths at a Northwestern Ontario university.

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Adams does it solely for his Love of Reading

"Kafka said: 'if reading a book doesn't hit you like a blow to the skull and free the frozen sea within you, what's the point of reading it?'"

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