Volume 95, Issue 35

Friday, November 2, 2001
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Someone get the boy some fries

Policy conventions: more than just ass smoochin'


Someone get the boy some fries

Re: "Grow up boys, for all us common folk," Oct. 31 and "A turn-coat in the 'dumb ass course' debate, Oct. 31

To the Editor:

I cannot comprehend why the debate is still going on over the validity of courses such as 'the Monstrous Imagination.'

Richard Eyles does bring up the very valid point that communication media all around us can spark our imagination. Simply look at how man walked on the moon and you can see how creativity has brought about change.

I even concur with Luke Brown, my colleague, when he says an equation or even a system of them cannot solve everything on Earth.

However, the question brought forth by my 'stereotypical engineer' colleagues was not how much impact creativity has on technology, but rather what job one could get with a bachelor of arts majoring in the monstrous imagination?

I am disappointed that neither Eyles nor Brown mentioned a single example of how these artists may find themselves a niche in society, even with the Halloween spirit about us.

I'll be so bold to offer two – they could design Halloween masks or get me fries with that order.

John Hunter

Electrical Engineering II

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