Volume 95, Issue 44

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
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SSSC pursues missing soph fees

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SSSC pursues missing soph fees

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

Further complicating the Social Science Students' Council's recent financial troubles is a large deficit of uncollected soph fees.

Outstanding bills for Orientation week programming should have been covered by money collected for soph fees and uniforms. But, revenue from such fees fell $7,486 short of projections, leaving the SSSC unable to cover several bills – including one for a first-year student trip to Western Fair's Imax theatre.

Social science sophs were required to pay $185 – a $35 soph fee plus $150 in uniform costs.

SSSC VP-finance Owais Rafiq said it is assumed some losses will always be incurred due to some sophs pulling out of the program unexpectedly.

Rafiq said only $3,874 was collected out of a total of $11,360 due for soph fees and uniforms.

Rafiq said too many soph uniforms may have been ordered, some sophs may not have paid or taxes may not have been collected on soph uniforms.

The SSSC is waiting for more specific information, he added.

"Until we have a number to work with, we're not just going to start approaching sophs and accusing them for nothing," he said.

"We can't know the final amount not collected until we are provided with a list – we need to talk with [social science head soph Sarah Brock]," Rafiq said.

"There are people who didn't pay and if they want names, I can address that," said social science head soph Sarah Brock.

While Brock said she has a list of who paid their soph fees, she added it is at her home in Ontario, not in British Columbia where she is currently residing.

It would not be hard to figure out who paid and who did not, she added. "This is not a problem – I can talk to [SSSC president Duane Baxter] and figure it out," she said.

Brock said she has not been contacted about the issue of unpaid soph fees and has not been asked if she kept a list of who paid.

She did not issue receipts when she collected fees, she added.

Despite Rafiq's claim that taxes may have not been collected, Brock said as far as she knows they were included in the price charged to sophs for uniforms.

While some students backed out of being sophs after uniforms had already been ordered, students on waiting lists were able to fill some of the spots, Brock said.

"When that happens, you take the loss – those are the losses you expect," she said.

It is difficult to determine which sophs paid because Brock did not issue receipts, said Duane Baxter, SSSC president.

"We're going to try to get a hold of the list and talk to Sarah about that," he said.

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