Volume 95, Issue 44

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
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Beauty comes before diversity

Re: "WIN telling women what to think?" Nov. 16

To the Editor:

After reading Melissa Groendyk's letter in Friday's Gazette, I am fervently inclined to spell out the amusing contradictions in her defense of the W-calendars.

In regards to her claim that the "W-girls" calendar should be seen as a "celebration of the female form," I am left with no choice but to consider such a thin and limited idea of the feminine form as anything but a joke.

For those of you that have yet to set eyes on the infamous W-calendars, I can safely assure you that (with the exception of the stereotypical ideal) neither male or female diversity in physical form is represented, let alone celebrated.

So please, argue that sex sells until we are convinced that it is a good idea, but don't hide this fact behind some fake appropriation of a good, yet cliché motive such as "a celebration of the female form."

Sure, the calendar should not necessarily be seen as objectifying women or men. As Groendyk so adamantly suggests, the "W-girls" had a choice to participate in the event, which somehow clears all chance for exploitation.

Still, I urge those in support of this donation campaign to fabricate something else that it should be celebrating, because it is desperately far from celebrating the diversity in the male or female physical form.

On that note, one must ask: is the W-calendar celebrating the diversity in the female physical form or are they just like the "oppressive" Women's Issues Network – "trying to mould Western's women to fit particular" stereotypical ideals?

In any event, congratulations to the "W-girls" and the "W-boys" for being beautiful! It is quite the achievement that has been made and quite the contribution to the superficial stereotype Western is best at perpetuating. Kudos!

Holly Mitchell

Media, Information and Technoculture IV

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