Volume 95, Issue 45

Wednesday, November 21, 2001
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'W' calendars cause lower self-worth?

USC, lap dances and charity

Oh yeah baby, screw me harder

USC, lap dances and charity

To the Editor:

The University Students' Council, in its infinite, yet 'politically neutral,' vision saw fit to entertain Lucas Atkins' "W-boys" and "W-girls" parade in the middle of what was supposed to be equity week.

The slogan for the week might well have been 'Equity, Schmequity!'

The USC is far from 'politically neutral.' USC Reservations donated the sales space to Atkins project and TV Western televised the sexist and prejudicial shenanigans that were the sales launch.

This is tantamount to an endorsement, which is an acceptance of the objectification. In this light, a claim of 'political neutrality' is an assertion that the actions of the USC bureaucracy and operations do not reflect the political will of council, which is ludicrous.

We live in a culture nearly completely socialized to accept exploitation as a work-a-day circumstance. Some have even argued the "W-boys" and "W-girls" calendars are a celebration of the human form.

A true celebration of the human form would not focus merely on the commercial ideal of the North American body, but would incorporate a vision of body image and sexuality that is healthy and accessible to everyone.

While I am disappointed this deluded sentiment continues in our society, I am much more disappointed the USC has reinforced this negative paradigm with its de facto support.

The truth is there are no auspices, charity or otherwise, under which the objectification or exploitation of the human form can justifiably hide.

No one with any sense of social justice or value in equity could, in good faith, accept the proceeds raised from charity lap dances.

So what is the difference here? – there isn't one. Objectification is objectification and exploitation is exploitation.

Eric Fortin

Political Science III

USC Social Science Councillor

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