Volume 95, Issue 45

Wednesday, November 21, 2001
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Oh yeah baby, screw me harder

Oh yeah baby, screw me harder

Re: "Sixth? Maclean's screws us again", Nov. 13

To the Editor:

It's almost hilarious that Paul Davenport says students understand that rankings do not equal quality of education, as if students are under some dream-like perception that Western could ever place sixth.

I think we all know Western deserves to be far lower. Think of the superpsych classes and their ilk, where you and hundreds of your closest friends are treated, not like numbers, but cattle.

Think of all the classes that educate by way of multiple choice tests and limited contact between professor, curriculum and student. Think of your tuition, rising at an alarming rate even while Western does not increase the quality of your education.

Think instead how they line their own wallets with ridiculous things such as Clinique offerings, bizarre administration fees on opt-out cheques and the like and a monopoly over where you buy your textbooks.

Mike Lawless, sounding curiously like a lackey of Davenport, similarly misses the point. Western, and many other universities for that matter, does not measure students by their success or the depth of their programs.

The best thing that Maclean's could have done was to screw us harder.

Maybe then we'd be working toward a true sixth place finish and be able to be proud of it.

Curtis Jones

Honours Sociology III

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