Volume 95, Issue 45

Wednesday, November 21, 2001
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Ravens brought back to Earth

Mustangs winning weekend

Wrestlers split weekend

Western and Notre Dame battle


Western and Notre Dame battle

The Western swimming team was hoping for a little bit of Irish luck this weekend as they headed to South Bend, Indiana to compete against Notre Dame and St. Mary's.

The Western women came away victorious against St. Mary's, while Notre Dame out-performed the Mustang men in head-to-head swimming action.

"[We] were good. It's a very long seven hour bus ride down there, so considering that, [we] swam very well," said Western head coach Glen Belfry. "Most notably, I would say Sarah Teetzel and Jen Sinclair were very strong."

The match-up between Western and Notre Dame is one steeped in tradition.

"This is a tradition that goes all the way back to the '50s. Notre Dame has actually swam against Western more times than any other school, so it's a neat tradition," he explained. "We've missed a few years along the way, but we alternate – they come here one year and we go there the next," Belfry said.

Often in the world of sports, a rivalry is rarely a friendly thing. While familiarity can often breed contempt, Belfry said, in this case it results in food and drink.

"We go out for dinner afterwards and our guys billet with the Notre Dame guys, so it's a pretty friendly competition," Belfry said.

As for the actual swimming competition itself, Belfry said the Irish are a cut above the Mustangs.

He gave full credit to the Irish, but said his men are always up for a challenge. "They're tough – really tough, but we did give them some good races," Belfry said.

–Ryan Dixon

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