Volume 95, Issue 46

Thursday, November 22, 2001
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The Gazette's ultimate student survival guide

Protection from vampires

Talking like a jazz man

Eating right

Finding the house of your dreams

Buying a crazy pet

Surfing the bookstacks

Saving your money

Be just like Psychic Bob

Rolling a big phatty

The Gazette's ultimate student survival guide


It is the essential motivator for all human thought and action.

When one reaches the golden world of academia, survival takes on a whole new meaning. During a students' university career, he or she will make countless important decisions that could have a profound impact on the rest of their life.

With this in mind, the greatest minds at The Gazette have come up with the ultimate student survival guide. The contents of this guide should prepare the average Jane and Joe Western for the struggles that might greet them along the bumpy roads ahead.

Is your best friend a vampire? How do you find a student house in which hookers and crack dealers don't camp out on the front lawn? How do you roll a proper joint?

These are some of the many questions The Gazette will answer in order to ensure the safety and awareness of our readership.

Why? Because we care.

–The C&C Editors

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