Volume 95, Issue 46

Thursday, November 22, 2001
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Surfing the bookstacks

Because libraries are often seen as intimidating places, the vast resources they offer are widely unknown. To help you further your education, we consulted some experts to help solve the mysteries of the library.

- Hyperlinks on the on-line library catalogue (www.lib.uwo.ca) can lead you to other relevant texts. When you find a useful item, click on its call number to locate texts on the same subject or click on the author to find other works they have written.

- When entering a search term, be as specific as possible by using 'and, or, not' to combine words and eliminate others. The * symbol can be used to substitute for any string or character.

- If the item you want is signed out, use the recall function. Click on the 'recall item' link on the library catalogue. This service allows you to use the item for at least seven days.

- Don't forget about those valuable government publications. These items include pamphlets, annual reports, laws, census statistics and even minutes from meetings. Use keyword searches to locate a publication.

- Periodical indexes and databases provide excellent scholarly articles. To access the periodicals, click 'Find Research Resources' then 'Databases by Title.'

- Take advantage of the reference sections. Browse through encyclopedias and specialized dictionaries to get extra sources.

If the library is still too intimidating, ask for help.

"We've got help available and we are more than happy to assist you in finding resources," said Tom Adam, a reference and instruction librarian at the DB Weldon Library. Remember, the best essays or projects contain a variety of resources.

–Lauren Starr

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