Volume 95, Issue 46

Thursday, November 22, 2001
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News Briefs

Much maligned SSSC changes constitution

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

At a council meeting last night, The Social Science Students' Council passed three motions in favour of constitutional changes that will affect future head sophs.

The SSSC is currently dealing with budget problems, as a result of unpaid bills from Orientation week events planned by current head soph, Sarah Brock.

The first motion, moved by SSSC president Duane Baxter and passed by a majority of councillors, changed the status of the head soph from an ex-officio member of council to a non-voting member.

An ex-officio member gains their status because of their position on an outside body, however, Baxter said, head sophs are chosen by an internal process.

"The vast majority of other councils have [head sophs] as real members of council," he noted.

There is currently no mechanism in the SSSC constitution to remove a person from ex-officio status, Baxter said. As a non-voting member of council, future head sophs could face impeachment and removal from council if they do not fulfill council requirements.

A second motion recommended amendments to the attendance requirements for council members, extending these requirements to non-voting members of council.

If these requirements are breached, it could result in grounds for impeachment, Baxter said.

Councillor Eric Fortin was against this motion because he said council was not being given enough time to look into the changes. "Changing the constitution is not to be taken lightly," he said.

The motion passed with a two-thirds majority of council members.

A third motion, put forth by Baxter and passed by council, outlines the duties of head sophs.

Councillor Cierra Watson recommended a "friendly amendment" to the motion that put a maximum limit on the signing authority granted to head sophs. The limit will be set by the SSSC VP-finance.

Additionally, Watson recommended the addition of a due date of Mar. 1 for receipt of the head soph's detailed year-end report.

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