Volume 95, Issue 46
Thursday, November 22, 2001
Baby Allison
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Council gives Lawless an earful
Forum discusses ideas, problems

Bus passes for part-time students, more garbage cans, a queer arts festival and a cheap place to buy eggs on campus – that's what students really want from their students' council.

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Stop consuming you capitalist pig

Hold off buying that new Gap vest – a student club on campus is challenging Western students to keep their wallets in their pockets for one day.

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Much maligned SSSC changes constitution

At a council meeting last night, The Social Science Students' Council passed three motions in favour of constitutional changes that will affect future head sophs.

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Anthrax strikes again

America's bioterrorism crisis took a new twist Wednesday with the mysterious anthrax-related death of an elderly woman in rural Connecticut.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
(A) Western finally decided they've gouged enough students at CentreSpot, (B) our photographer broke into the cafeteria for Buy Nothing Day and the hippies somehow got their way


The Gazette's ultimate student survival guide


It is the essential motivator for all human thought and action.

When one reaches the golden world of academia, survival takes on a whole new meaning. During a students' university career, he or she will make countless important decisions that could have a profound impact on the rest of their life.

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Canada's hockey trivia whiz

In some instances, being a know-it-all can be a very good thing.

Just ask Liam Maguire, Canada's pre-eminent hockey trivia guru and author of What's the Score, a hockey trivia book packed with facts and insight.

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Crystal Dove/Gazette
WHAT REALLY HURT WASN'T JUST THE FACT HE MISSED THE BUS, BUT MORE SPECIFICALLY, HE MISSED THE BUS GOING TO THE LAND OF 24-HOUR KEGGERS. Fourth-year chemistry student Allan Siderius walks by the agriculture display on th path beside the McIntosh Gallery on his way to the bus stop, no doubt.