Volume 95, Issue 46

Thursday, November 22, 2001
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Warning: CNN is not the gospel

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Warning: CNN is not the gospel

Re: "Al-Qaida asks for it – the U.S. gives it to them," Nov. 20

To the Editor:

"Aimed specifically at militant murderers?" Since when is a campaign that has bombed villages nowhere near military targets considered specific?

Even with the technology at hand, no mass bombing raid will be specific. The war on terror is a mass propaganda campaign the United States. embarked upon to satisfy people like Mark Sheard, who assume vengeance is the way to put the enemy in their place.

By making such comments as "what other reaction could you possibly expect from such an attack on the world's greatest military power?" Sheard demonstrates the cartoon-like ideals many of us have of good versus evil.

To say that al-Qaida has brought these attacks upon Afghanistan is a comment that ignores the root cause behind the formation of such groups.

Afghanistan is a country that has been used as a tool by many countries, including Russia and the United States. By leaving the country in ruins after a promise to help them rebuild if Afghans help in the fight against Russia, the United States opened a niche of betrayal and resentment in the populace.

This niche is what allows groups like the Taliban to gain a foothold in the power struggle to obtain leadership of such torn countries.

If the United States wasn't a country that continually chooses what human-rights atrocities they ignore or condone and what they put up a good-guy front against, we may be able to say that just maybe this war is justified.

I'm not one to say the attack in New York wasn't tragic, but almost every other country in the world has attacks just as tragic that are not retaliated against with such excessive force.

This war will most likely be ineffectual in doing anything against terrorism, but in fact open more niches of hatred against the United States.

The war on terror is just as much an ineffectual and propaganda filled war as the war on drugs. It is time for us as a society to start thinking critically.

Don't just take everything CNN has to say as gospel. Open your minds, catch up with your history readings, the political agendas of present and past and decide for yourself what plan of action should be "justified."

Elizabeth Kelian

Biology III

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