Volume 95, Issue 47

Friday, November 23, 2001
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Soph asks SSSC for big-time admission of 'we screwed up'


Soph asks SSSC for big-time admission of 'we screwed up'

Re: "SSSC pursues missing soph fees," Nov. 20

To the Editor:

This whole social science Orientation week financial mishap is just getting ridiculous.

First, the council seems to imply the "lost" money is the fault of head soph Sarah Brock. Now, the blame is on all the sophs who didn't pay their soph fees.

Being a social science student and soph (Med-Syd), this fiasco is embarrassing. Why doesn't everyone on the Social Science Student Council – from president, VP-finance downward – just say, "we screwed up."

To blame the head soph for everything is ridiculous. I know my head soph (go Yeti) worked in conjunction with our president and VP-finance on the details of O-week.

Obviously, there were serious communication problems between the head soph and the social science executive. VP-finance Owais Rafiq's comment about taxes on the soph uniform made me laugh.

Who is he kidding?

I've been a soph three times and have never heard of tax on top of the soph uniform. I mean, really, $7,486 in lost taxes?

I know Canada has high taxes, but even a 10-year-old can figure out you would need to spend somewhere in the area of $50,000 to get that tax figure.

Something went wrong. To keep running away from the blame while pointing fingers at others is cowardly. Sadly, this behaviour is reminiscent of the politicians who run this province and country.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Matthew Romanada

History IV

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