Volume 95, Issue 47
Friday, November 23, 2001
Happy B-Day Carol
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Western talks booze policy
Failed 'Festivus' demonstrates need for rules

In response to the controversial cancellation of an engineering Homecoming event last September, Western's administration has decided to create a school-wide alcohol policy.

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Chretien rallies the troops

Prime Minister Jean Chreten spent Thursday in Edmonton rallying Canadian troops anxiously awaiting orders to leave for war-torn Afghanistan.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
HEY, ISN'T THAT GARTH BROOKS... Paul Wells, a Canadian political affairs columnist for The National Post, spoke to a political science class at Alumni Hall. Now, if only he could get a 10 gallon hat.

Muslim prof discusses jihad and holy war
Islamic word misunderstood

Yesterday, a member of Western's Muslim community attempted to clarify the true nature of the Islamic faith and distance the religion from the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

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Big shot media guy talks federal politics

Members of the Western community were treated yesterday to an insider's view on federal politics and journalism following the events of Sept. 11.

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Tallman: a virtual success

It's no secret the current "nu-metal" scene is watered down with carbon copy mediocre bands and, similarly, record companies are out to capitalize on the new fad by making "heavy" bands marketable.

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