Volume 95, Issue 47

Friday, November 23, 2001
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Praise The Gazette for shining a light on 'the movement'

Soph asks SSSC for big-time admission of 'we screwed up'


Praise The Gazette for shining a light on 'the movement'

Re: "McResearch," Nov. 15

To the Editor:

The Gazette should be praised for shining a bit of light on the various examples of the corporatization of post-secondary education at Western.

Profit-seeking corporations are gaining substantial influence over campus climate and autonomy, particularly by affecting the research agendas.

Why do companies care who we interview, which chemicals we test and what we do with our findings?

Because those who run corporations know that what we do on university campuses affects the market, our society and our world.

They know rising tuition fees result from pro-business governments and economic globalization. They can make money off of your education. Therefore, they perpetuate rhetoric about partnership and say corporate involvement is inevitable and helpful.

The Gazette asks if there is an alternative? Yes there is! Those same corporations who 'donate' their money to universities often owe millions in back taxes.

If the owed taxes were paid, our governments could guarantee the full, public funding of many social services, including education and drastically reduce our tuition fees.

We, as students, can work with hundreds of thousands of others as part of a national campaign to dispel myths about why tuition is skyrocketing, why the governments aren't freezing or reducing tuition and why private companies' profits are being put ahead of our learning.

We can collaborate to create a Canada that respects its citizens enough to make accessible education a right and a reality.

Kendra Coulter

Scholar's Electives IV

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