Volume 95, Issue 48

Tuesday, November 27, 2001
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Halfcocked rawks

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Halfcocked rawks


The Last Star


Three 1/2 stars
(out of five)

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but how about a CD?

The picture count on Halfcocked's major label debut, The Last Star, is 26. That's 26 shots of five people who look like a trashy, candy-coated mix of Hole and No Doubt with definite porn-star potential.

The pleasant surprise is they can actually rock. This album is full of well-crafted, high-energy, power-punk songs.

The guitar work stands out on the album, especially on the metal-influenced "Sober," a story of a relationship created and destroyed by alcohol.

Frontwoman Sarah Reitkopp's lyrics are usually angry tales of a scorned woman, but on the track "Thanks for the ride," she sounds downright gleeful as she thanks someone for always being there.

The other tracks are full of negative observations about life that become tiresome. The high energy music makes a somewhat confusing mix with the sour lyrics, but somehow Halfcocked makes it all work.

All of the songs are unapologetically in-your-face, both lyrically and musically and, as this album proves, Halfcocked sound almost as good as they look.

–Maggie Wrobel

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